Women Working for Oceans

Today, I went to a lecture by Erika Spanger-Siegfried and National Geographic photographer George Steinmetz about the the rising oceans and its impact on humanity at the New England Aquarium. It was sponsored by Women Working for Oceans who's mission is to "Promote healthy and sustainable oceans through education that inspires advocacy and action." 

Erika spoke about the Co2 trends and how we as individuals can reduce our impact, not only in our communities but those around the world. 

George showed photos from his trips around the world, inparticular Manila Harbor where communities are built upon piles of trash and children collect plastic from the rivers as a source of income. His project "examines the global impact of rising sea levels and different countries and communities are engineering solutions to this growing problem." 

To make a difference consider:

  • Having an energy audit
  • Use energy efficient products
  • Support economically disadvantaged artisans in nations effected by sea level
  • Support organic local farmers markets